Initiating Change

Initiating change


Simple comments often lead us to most in-depth pondering. A statement was made to me recently that brought to mind a sadly humorous and completely human tale of child I once worked with. It is my job to initiate change. This child was a truly a handful in every way and his activities, comments would make even the most experienced staff shudder.

It was coming upon the new year and we were tasked to write our “New Year’s Resolutions” - and this child looked me in the eye with complete honesty and said, “Well, I have nothing to change - I can’t think of one thing I need to do.” After a moment’s “hesitation” I offered him a few rather dismal options and he responded, “Oh, I guess there’s that.”

Potent reminders that in order to change we must first, recognize that there is something we need to change. We must then accept that it should be changed. From there we must choose the desire to alter it. In order to do this we must be able to self-assess - look inward.

This process is complex and challenging to even the most enlightened person so how then do we effectively guide another toward a new path?

This is a questioning direction we must take often.

“Am I initiating the change I want to see in myself and my students.”

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