Purchase existing program plans and visuals to solve challenging behaviours

Solving Behaviour offers a variety of detailed programming packages aimed at reducing or eliminating the challenging behaviours that you face in the classroom or at home.

Product Reviews from Teachers Pay Teachers - 4.8 star rating

Kimberly W. 

"Extremely satisfied 5 Stars - A great resource to have and share with teachers and

para pros! Easy to read & practical interventions!"

Courtney R.

5 stars - "A great comprehensive list!"

Peta B.

5 stars - "A wealth of Knowledge. Simply brilliant!"

Rebecca M

5 Stars

"This is a very thorough resource that offers a clear definition of IED, strategies, and programming options. After reading through this information, I feel much less fearful and much more empowered about parenting a child with IED. Thank you!!"


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Individual program package:

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2 program packages:

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General Principles and Program Plans