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What Not to Do to Thrive at Work and Home

By Dorothy Watson

In a culture and environment that is so focused on productivity and image, you might often feel like you're falling short of the lofty standards. This is a friendly reminder that you are enough. But if your daily life feels plagued by negativity, stopping the following behaviours may set you on the right course.

Spending Too Much Time on Social Media

You've heard it before; social media is a highlight reel. Except, why does it seem like others have better highlight reels than you do? Or perhaps your feed is full of divisive hatred and fills you with dread. When using social media isn't, ultimately, enjoyable for you, and all the mindless scrolling feels like a waste of time, know that you're not alone. Put your fear of missing out aside and go on social media fast. If that's too much of a stretch, cut down your usage time on your apps of choice. Your mental health will thank you.


Don't let society's current obsession with having a perfect 'brand' stop you from trying new things. If you keep waiting for the right time to pursue a goal because you're afraid of failing and looking silly, you may defer your dreams indefinitely.

You need to reframe the concept of failure. For many people, failure develops resilience and is a necessary stepping stone to achievement and success. As long as you're willing to quit the excuses, address your impostor syndrome, and have discipline, the world is your oyster just waiting for you to open it up.

Hiding Your Truth