The Funny side of Behaviour - Awesome Quotes from Awesome Kids!

December 2, 2017

From their lips to my ear - 


Grande one - "I can't do all that work, I'm only made of toothpaste you know."


Grade six - "If I had a million dollars and a pickup truck would you marry me?"


Grade two- "Here's my lunch money!" 

                       "Why is it all in change?"

                       "I stole it from my mom so we could hang out over lunch!"


Grade one - "I have 5$ if I give it to you would you hang out with me?"

                        "I will just do that for free."

                        "Great because I really wanted to buy a car."


Grade one: I walked into a special setting classroom to pick up a student who was in the process of being removed for violence - when I entered everyone stopped and looked at me including the child whose mouth was still in mid bite of a worker - he said - "Hi Kerry, I will be right with you."  I was thinking probably not but it was positive attitude. 


Grade two: "It's new years soon and we have to work on our resolutions. What would you like to change for the new year?"

                      "I can't think of a thing. I mean I'm pretty perfect right now what would I need to change?"

                       "Well we could work on your habit of punching people when they don't do what you want."

                       "Oh, I guess there's that."


Grade two special setting: "So, how does a guy get out of this place?

                                                "Good behaviour."

                                                "Damn, that's gonna be hard."


A classroom with a sub and student hurling objects at her- when I arrived he was just removing a shoe to pitch, unfortunately it hit me in the face - he said,  "Wow, I am so sorry I was not aiming for you!"


Calming room with a grade one student who was raging - "Let me out or I'm going to get naked."

                                                                                                       "Well ok but I think you will be cold."

 Clothes began to pile up under the door when I heard, " Could you just pass back that sweater and maybe the pants."



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